Here are our Uncovered Final Fantasy XV contest winners

It took us a while, but we can finally announce the winners of our two contests, we held during the Uncovered Final Fantasy XV event.

You had the chance to win one copy of Final Fantasy XV in each contest. We asked you to predict the final release date for the game before its announcement and while all the magic was spoiled by a Gamespot video leak, we kept the contest open till the end.

We wanted you to either trust the leak or not and waited for the final confirmation, because we wanted to consider the unlikely event of last second changes. The winner was chosen randomly from all right answers. In total, we nearly had 1100 guesses or comments on the contest.

We now like to announce Shad Leonheart as the winner of our release date prediction contest.

Then we had the Uncovered Final Fantasy XV reaction video contest, where we asked you to record your best reaction on the event. We looked through all the entries on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The NC staff first chose five finalists and then a final winner.

We have chosen Mazter465 as the winner of our Uncovered Final Fantasy XV reaction video contest. Here is his video reaction:

The votes were pretty close in the end and thus we still want to show you the runners up for our video contest (without any particular order):


The last two honorable and very emotional entries had sadly been removed from Youtube after our jury picked the final winner. If both users shown below would still like to share their videos, we would be happy to present them here and on our social media channels.

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We will contact Mazter465 and Shad Leonheart and send them Final Fantasy XV on their desired gaming platform, when the game launches September 30, 2016.

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