Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV – Episode 3 “Sword and Shield” now online

Square Enix has released a new episode of the Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV companion anime titled “Sword and Shield”. You can watch that, along with both Episode 1 “Before the Storm” and Episode 2 “Dogged Runner” in the videos below.

Alongside the new episode, producer Akio Ofuji shared some details on the project to a crowded scene at Japan Expo this morning. He explained that it wasn’t easy to show parts of the story that weren’t fully realized in the game and so the anime team received help on making those scenes a reality.

While the online release of Brotherhood spans five episodes, the blu-ray and disc version available with the Collector’s Edition of the game will come loaded with a bonus episode. Ofuji revealed this one will be about Lunafreya. The project is already completed but they might think about a season 2 at some point.

Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV – Episode 3: Sword and Shield

Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV – Episode 2: Dogged Runner

Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV – Episode 1: Before the Storm

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