Chocobo's Crystal Hunt card game announced

Today Square Enix officially revealed a new card game by the creators of the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game, called Chocobo’s Crystal Hunt.

As the company told Nova Crystallis earlier, the game will be very accessible, fast and fun to play. The product details tell us that you need to use the chocobos to steal your opponent’s crystals before they steal yours.

The card game is meant to be played by 3 to 5 players and play time varies between 10-20 minutes. The game consists of 43 cards and is divided into Hunt Cards (Chocobo and Fat Chocobo), Crystal Cards (Fire, Water, Wind and Earth) and Monster Cards (Bomb and Ahriman). All of them are pictured below.

So far we only know that you have to use your intuition and observation skills to win, but exact rules will be shared soon.

You can preorder Chocobo’s Crystal Hunt at the European Square Enix Store right now for 19,99€ (22$, 29AUD) while a release is scheduled for October 2016. Chocobo’s Crytal Hunt

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