Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade - Our Top Character Picks: Part One

For those unaware, Square Enix has recently been rolling out a slew of updates for Dissidia Final Fantasy, a new re-imagining of the Dissidia series currently exclusive to arcades in Japan but slated for console release at some point in the future (and we can’t wait!).

While the title promises a full roster comparable to the original Dissidia titles, a slate of new characters have already been announced – including Final Fantasy XIV‘s Y’shtola, Type-0‘s Ace, and Tactics‘ Ramza. However, more are expected, and Nova Crystallis went through the series to identify our top picks.

We evaluated based on a variety of factors, including character popularity, title popularity, unique move-sets, and roster diversity. That said, we acknowledge that no methodology is perfect and the series’ deep bench of characters means everyone is going to have a different list. Did we miss a character you think is essential? Share your thoughts in the comments.

See Part One of our top picks below:

Quina – Final Fantasy IX

This one is bound to be controversial. While Final Fantasy IX‘s adorable Vivi comes to mind as the real fan favorite, several of the black mage’s staple abilities are already represented (and over represented) by Dissidia‘s current slate of heroes and villains. We opted for a more – shall we say – unconventional choice here with the Qu Marsh master chef Quina Quin. Quina is also unique as the entire Final Fantasy series’ only gender-less or gender binary character.  

More importantly, Quina brings a slew of unique skills which she gains through her notorious “Eat” command. As seen in the video above, by eating certain enemies, the chef is able to acquire unique abilities. This could give Quina one of the most varied skill-sets in all of Dissidia, from a close range Goblin Punch to the long range aqua blast, and even self healing and defense mechanisms like Mighty Guard. This would make her one of the most versatile and hilarious characters to watch.

Rinoa – Final Fantasy VIII


Dissidia definitely needs more representation from the series’ star studded female leads, and after Tifa and Yuna, Rinoa is the most obvious next pick. A rough and tumble (if aimlessly romantic) leader of a resistance movement, Rinoa attacks using a crossbow-like weapon – something not currently represented in the series. For those that experimented with Final Fantasy VIII‘s limit breaks and are familiar with its narrative, Rinoa has a trusty companion dog, Angelo, at her side who can perform various actions: propelling from her arm like a cannon at her enemies to simply charging at her foes. It would be interesting if Angelo could somehow be incorporated into her move-set, with Rinoa herself using her crossbow from afar while issuing commands to Angelo to attack opponents close up in order to distract and help keep distance. 

Lahabrea – Final Fantasy XIV

With Y’sholta represented on the Cosmos side of Final Fantasy XIV, it is only appropriate that we get representation on the Chaos side as well. This is a little tricky as due to its nature as an MMO, Final Fantasy XIV has several prominent villains. One that stands out the most, however, is the enigmatic, otherworldly Ascian Lahabrea. This supernatural being is a reoccurring villain through much of A Realm Reborn and Heavensward and is consistently up to no good.  

Lahabrea was also a choice due to being featured in one of my absolutely favorite boss fights in Final Fantasy XIV and the series in general (which is a big deal, considering how many fights there are in XIV). Lahabrea’s time warping and meteor mechanics in particular could add some interesting dynamics to fights.

Noctis – Final Fantasy XV


This one is just jumping on the bandwagon of a recent release, but there’s little reason NOT to expect Noctis in Dissidia arcade. As the primary protagonist of Final Fantasy XV he is sure to join the side of Cosmos. Noctis’ more common trait is his ability to wield and switch between all sorts of weapons (swords, guns, spears, etc) and this would make for a more mixed weapon user than the typical Final Fantasy hero. Even more interesting mechanics could revolve around the incorporation of his royal arms, asking players to balance the added advantage of increased power and range to a continuous depletion of health making for some really strategic play. 

Be sure to let us know your most wanted Dissidia character – we will be sharing top fan requests in a separate write up!

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