Dragon Quest X detailed for PlayStation 4

Square Enix announced last year that Dragon Quest X would be coming to PlayStation 4. Today at Jump Festa they showed it running for the first time on the hardware.

Producer Yosuke Saito says that the development is moving along smoothly with gameplay shown off in a water level on the stream.

The game is said to run like a high-spec PC on the PlayStation 4 running at full 1080p and 60 FPS. Details regarding the release date and pricing are still yet unannounced, likely being discussed at the next live event.

In addition to the PlayStation 4 announcement, they showed off a few other features of the game including a “Battle Renaissance” which allows you to battle previous boss monsters again. There is “Weak” setting as well as a demanding “Super Strong” when challenging these bosses.

An announcement was also made for a fishing contest titled the “1st Tuna Grand Prix” which will reward various trophies and even a Manta Ray mount.

Dragon Quest X is still only available in Japan with future plans of localization still in the air.

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