Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter 34 Summary; Patch 3.5 Content Detailed, GARO Collab Revealed

Letter from the Producer Live XXXIV from Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2016-7 in Tokyo has wrapped, and we have a bunch of new information about Patch 3.5: The Far Edge of Fate to share.

Part 1 will release on January 17th, while Part 2 will arrive in March. Director/producer Naoki Yoshida showed off gameplay of many of these new features including a trial versus Zurvan and a look at the new alliance raid. Also revealed was a collaboration with GARO designer Keita Amemiya for themed outfits. Amemiya will also join Ivalice creator Yasumi Matsuno to design the 24-man alliance raid in the Stormblood expansion.

Patch 3.5 — The Far Edge of Fate

– Part 1 releases Tuesday, January 17th, 2017
– Part 2 releases in March 2017.

Zurvan — The Demon

The team showed off footage of the next primal encounter with Zurvan, the Demon — Yoshida says it’ll be harder than Sophia, and that parts of the floor will break apart. There’ll be new mechanics present here as well.

Dun Scaith

Footage of the new Alliance raid Dun Scaith was shown — where you’re seen on top of an airship and fighting through an eerie-looking city.

GARO Collaboration

Final Fantasy XIV will have a collaboration with GARO for special glamour and mounts designed by Keita Amemiya, who will be designing Stormblood’s “Return to Ivalice” Alliance raid. Both genders can equip the items and all jobs will have gear designed for them. You’ll be able to obtain them through Gold Saucer or PvP.

Exploratory Missions Revamp


– Exploratory Missions will be completely revamped.
– Upon the implementation of Patch 3.5, the current Exploratory Missions content will be closed.
– The revamped Exploratory Missions content will be released in The Far Edge of Fate (3.5) Part 2.
– The material and other items that can be obtained in the current Exploratory Missions content will be availalble.
– Entry to revamp Exploratory Missions will be separated into two categories: Hunting and Gathering.

Exploratory Missions Rewards

– Spoils or equipment can be obtained by having a NPC unlock a lock box.
– Equipment stats will be randomly generated when receiving rewards.
– Items rewarded for completing explorations will be automatically placed in your inventory.
– There will be instances where treasure caskets appear upon defeating monsters.

Anomalous Elements

– There are multiple battle events that will occur spontaneously.
– A special raid will occur in a specific area once a certain limit has been reached.
– Everyone will have to find a way to fight against a large boss.


– Keita Amemiya joined as a special guest to talk about designing the upcoming “Return to Ivalice” raid in Stormblood.
– TV miniseries “The Father of Light” is in development based on the story by Ichigeki Kakusatsu (SS Nikki).
– New /gpose and housing features were shown off.

– Final Fantasy XIV Eorzea Collection 2016-2017 artbook releases Tuesday January 24th 2017 in Japan for 1950Y.
– Real Escape Game “The Binding Coil of Bahamut” will be available on May 11th-14th 2017 in Japan.

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