Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.55a arrives on February 28th

During the Letter from the Producer Live segment of this weekend’s Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Frankfurt, Germany, director and producer Naoki Yoshida revealed that Patch 3.55a will release on February 28th.

This new patch will include new Anima Weapon story quests, but Yoshida assures that it will be easy compared to previous steps. There will also be a new type of content for crafters and gatherers that involves the NPC Zhloe Aliapoh in Idyllshire. You’ll come to understand her plight and undertake quests where you’ll be able to make things for NPCs to wear — its a quest line that the team wants to extend into the Stormblood expansion.

Proto-Ultima also be Final Fantasy XIV’s first ever Alliance-based trial, and will reward accessories with an item level of 270. However, the way to access this fight is being kept secret — we won’t even know how from the patch notes. Yoshida teased us to look forward to it.

The Feast will get a new map and a sudden death mode, as well as some new items and adjustments. Season 3 will close and Pre-Season 4 will begin as well.

As for why this Patch is “3.55a”, Yoshida explains that they had originally planned to include the Diadem’s new Exploratory Missions, but there was a critical bug at the last minute. This content will be released in Patch 3.55b in early March, and he apologized to players for the delay.

Players will also be able to redeem the Tidus and Yuna outfits available from purchasing the Fan Festival live streams, GARO collaboration gear can be reclaimed from the Calamity Salvager, and buffs will be put on the drop rates of the Sophia and Zurvan lanner whistles.

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