New screenshots and details of Dragon Quest XI's battle system

The official website for Dragon Quest XI has updated to reveal more information as well as screenshots for new information on the battle system as well as two new characters. This information was recently announced in the Weekly Shonen Jump which you can check out over here.

Battle System

In Dragon Quest XI you can choose between two battle styles on both the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo 3DS.

The PlayStation 4 version offers you two battle styles to pick from: Freeform movement of your camera and characters, or the automatic mode with traditional cinematic flare.

The Nintendo 3DS version you can switch between a “3D Mode” to enjoy battle with lively moving monsters, or the “2D Mode” and fight with nostalgic pixel art.

Free Movement Battle

Move freely

Get behind your enemies!

Auto Camera Battle

Full of cinematic moments

Offense and defence are integral to your battles!

3D Mode

Battle with lively moving monsters

2D Mode

Nostalgic 2D pixel battles

Fight Monsters

You encounter enemies out on the field or in dungeons and battle begins as you run into them.

While in “3D Mode”, you can encounter enemies visible out on the field and run into them to begin your battle. If you’re using the “2D Mode”, monsters will appear in random encounters as you traverse the world.

Defeat your foes with commands like “Attack” and “Spell”. After defeating enemies, your party levels up and becomes even stronger.

Pick commands like “Attack” or “Spell” to fight!

Sway the battle in your favor with preemptive attacks!

You can even find monsters asleep at night in the field!?

3D Mode: Monsters attack when they notice the main character.

3D Mode: I found a mushroom that became a monster! Let’s strike first.

2D Mode: Battles suddenly begin while walking around!


Here are two new monsters introduced in this update.



One day a plant-like monster sprouted up from the earth. Those who hear its cry are said to freeze in their tracks.



Monsters that looks like small ogres. They’re always bursting with anger and looking for a fight.

Spells and Abilities

Not only can you attack with weapons like swords, but using familiar spells and abilities will give you grant you great success in your battles! Fight using your friend’s personal abilities!


Falcon Slash


Tiger Claw



With you, I’ll protect everyone… That is my fight!
Noble Female Fighter
– Martina

I’ve been waiting for you all to arrive.
Mysterious Old Man
– Row

Dragon Quest XI is set to release sometime in 2017 on PlayStation 4 as well as the Nintendo 3DS. A Nintendo Switch version is also planned to release. A livestream covering the release date and more will be available on April 11th which you can read more about here.

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