Square Enix announces Antique Carnevale

Square Enix has announced “Antique Carnevale”, a “completely new game” for unannounced platform(s).

At the moment, the company hasn’t shared much details of the new IP in terms of how the game will be played, but they have shared an overview of its prologue and first character, Bernhard.

Read it below:


Have you thought about the differences between “things” and “living things”?

Or the differences between “dolls” and “people”?

If you ask, people will easily answer as such: dolls are “not able to move on their own,” right?

However, that is an invitation to the labyrinth.

Is a person unable to move by their own will not a “doll”?

Is a doll able to move by its own will not a “person”?

The explorers who wander around in search of an exit will find themselves deeply lost…

And then, one boy visits that labyrinth by himself…

He will listen. To the cries left behind by the “people” that have decayed in the labyrinth.

He will understand. The desires of the “dolls” captured in the labyrinth.

To that young man who stands in the space between people and dolls… I pray.

May the blessings of the people of origin be with him.

Bernhard (voiced by Natsuki Hanae)

The personification of the summons beast Wyvern. He regularly guards the town as the young commanding knight of the Valamion. He has a strong sense of justice, but hates rushing to conclusions, and is often censured by those around him. Under the orders of the president, he is currently searching for the strongest masters of the next generation.

On top of these details, Square Enix also shared a trailer focusing on Bernhard and is set to release additional trailers for four more characters on July 7, July 10, July 12, and July 14, respectively. As shown in the trailer below, expect further news for the title on July 18.

Visit the game’s official website here.

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