Square Enix brings in the holidays with winter-themed events across hit mobile games

This month Square Enix is celebrating the holidays by bringing special winter-themed events and giveaways to their hit titles for mobile devices, including: Kingdom Hearts Union X[Cross], Mobius Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

Kingdom Hearts Union X[Cross]

New In-game holiday presents will be given out to all players at the end of December, other seasonal events include:

  • New Coliseum Event: Throughout December, players can obtain special reindeer pet avatar parts as prizes at the Coliseum.

  • Zero AP Campaign: Players can play through as many quests as they like without any AP(“Stamina”) loss or restrictions for a majority of December.
  • Holiday-Themed Avatars: Players can celebrate the holidays with special “Festivities” avatar boards, available now until December 25.

Mobius Final Fantasy

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake Collaboration Returns: Final Fantasy VII’s protagonist, Cloud Strife, returns to the world of Palamecia for a second time by popular demand. You can check out our full coverage here.
  • Year-End Greater Summon Festival: Cloud has joined the ranks as an “Ultimate Hero”, a powerful job card that allows players to change the Warrior of Light model to play as Cloud himself.
  • Christmas Region: Messengers of Hope: Christmas has arrived to Palamecia, and players can join in the celebration starting December 17 in a special limited time region. Players can receive Christmas Tickets, collect Christmas Stars and get magicite by defeating special holiday monsters.
  • New job for Meia, Santa Lucia Introduced: Starting December 17, a new holiday-themed job will be available for Meia.
  • Presents for All Players: A “Mobius Box” present will be automatically unlocked for new and returning players, and existing players will also get 50 Ability Tickets by logging in.

For more information about the event, check out the official website.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

  • Cloud Strife Joins the Fray: Cloud Strife, Protagonist of Final Fantasy VII, will be available in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius as a summon, globally, starting December 15. You can see the trailer here.
  • King of Darkness Raid: Designed by a player of the Japanese version of FFBE, the raid boss “Trytrinity” makes its debut in the global version of the game. This raid will grant players bountiful rewards.
  • Holiday Themed-Units: Christine, Kryla and Carrie will all be available to summon later in December.
  • 2016 Holiday-Themed Units Return: Favorite units from the holiday event in 2016 return for 2017. Units like White Knight Noel and Santa Roselia will become available at the end of December.

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