Final Fantasy Awakening will be releasing soon in Australia and New Zealand

Oasis Games, a Hong Kong-based publisher, has announced that the mobile online action RPG Final Fantasy Awakening will be receiving an English-language release for iOS and Google Play in Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, India, Laos, Cambodia, and Burma in early 2018.

Final Fantasy Awakening was originally titled Final Fantasy Type-0 Online upon its initial release in China back in 2016, and has since been followed by releases in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. Previous editions of the game had English text, but it’s unclear if this new release will feature the same localization.

The game is a free-to-play title based on Final Fantasy Type-0, and it features the same cast of characters and setting. There is no information when the game might be officially brought to the Americas, Europe or Japan.

You can check out the official trailer, and a few screenshots, below. You can also visit the official website for artwork and further information.


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