First patch for Chrono Trigger PC now available

As promised, the first of several updates scheduled to hit the PC port of Chrono Trigger has been rolled out today following various fan feedback. The first wave includes the following:

  • ‘Original’ Graphics Setting: A new option will allow players to choose between the current high-resolution character sprites and background graphics, or an ‘Original’ mode which has a display style closer to that of the original Chrono Trigger.
  • Updated Font and Dialogue Boxes: Fonts and dialogue window graphics are updated to give the game a more classic look and feel.
  • Adjusted Start-Up Sequence: The order of the animated opening sequences when starting a new game is reworked to be more in line with previous versions of the game.
  • Additional enhancements and fixes to the text and graphics within the game to enhance the PC play experience.

Square Enix is promising further updates including alterations to the user interface for easier control on the PC platform, improved resolution in animated cutscenes, and more.

You can check out how the update compares to the launch version below:

Patch Update #1

Launch Version

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