Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] introduces a new Player VS Player mode in latest update

The latest update(v2.6.0) for the popular mobile title Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] introduced a bundle of new updates, including the series’ first-ever Player VS Player battle mode; adding a new way for players worldwide to play with friends, win rewards and compete for a spot on the leaderboards.

The PVP mode for Union χ[Cross] features asynchronous battles; where players face off against other players utilizing multiple Keyblades. A match is divided into two or three rounds and each player takes a turn to attack the other. The player who deals the most amount of damage wins the round, and the one who wins two rounds is the winner of the match. Players will then be awarded points based on their performance in the battle, and top-ranking players based on total points will earn rewards and recognition for their battle achievements.

Below are the other features that had been implemented with the arrival of patch 2.6.0:

  • 7-star Medals: All medals that can be used in battle can now be evolved into a 7-star rarity to greatly strengthen their power. Players must collect newly added materials in order successfully evolve them.
  • New Keyblade Feature ‘Subslots’: Players can now utilize more medals in a single Keyblade. Equipping a 7-star medal into a Keyblade’s subslot will strengthen the primary slot’s power multiplier and provide deeper customization and strategy.
  • ‘Skip’ Feature in Story Quests: Players who have taken a break from story quests can now catch up even more quickly with the new ‘skip’ feature. Completing any level within a specific questline will unlock all quests in that group, allowing players to jump straight into the story, complete the latest stages and return to completing the previous stages at a later time.
  • Easier Keyblade Upgrades: Keyblade upgrades for the first 25 levels now require less materials, allowing new players the chance to strengthen their Keyblades with ease.
  • Keyblade Optimize Feature: A new optimizer feature will automatically outfit a Keyblade with a powerful medal setup. This is both useful for new players seeking help for medal outfitting and for veteran players battling through Proud Mode.

KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross] is available now as a free-to-play game with in-app purchases on iOS and Android devices.

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