Life is Strange arrives on Android smartphones with controller support

Square Enix and Dontnod’s Life is Strange is available now on Android smartphones. An adventure game set in the Pacific northwest, Max Caulfield is an every-day student at Blackwell Academy, that is, until she discovers she can rewind time. After saving her friend Chloe Price from certain death, the two try to unravel the mystery around the disappearance of their classmate Rachel Amber.

Controller support comes exclusive to the Android version, and there’s also an in-game photo mode. Life is Strange is told across five chapters — the first of which is free, and subsequent chapters are $4.99 each. Episode 2 is currently discounted to 99ยข and there is also a season pass in-app.

In the video below, you can check out the first hour of Episode 1 — and you can catch our playthrough of The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, a precursor to Life is Strange 2, here.

(Footage recorded from a Samsung Galaxy S7.)

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