New trailers for The Quiet Man reveal story elements and show off gameplay

Today, Square Enix has shined a bit more light on their upcoming action title The Quiet Man. These two new trailers showcase the game’s blending of live-action cutscenes with CGI gameplay, as well as providing some insight into the story.

According to Square Enix, The Quiet Man is a story driven cinematic action experience and can be completed in one sitting. The game will play out within a single night, and players will take on the role of deaf protagonist Dune as he searches a “soundless” world for Lala, a songstress who has been kidnapped by a mysterious man with a beak-like mask. You can view the story trailer below.

The gameplay trailer is somewhat brief, and provides a nice look at the combat aspect of The Quiet Man. It seems mostly centered around hand-to-hand, with intense punches and kicks that send foes falling to the ground. There are also some dramatic camera shots that add some intensity to landed hits.

The Quiet Man will be available as a digital-only title on PlayStation 4 and Steam(PC) with a price of $14.99. A release date has not yet been announced.

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