Mobius Final Fantasy's crossover event with Final Fantasy VIII begins in Japan

The latest Mobius Final Fantasy crossover event with Final Fantasy VIII has officially begun in Japan. In celebration, the team behind the game released the opening cutscene to the public, allowing fans the chance to see some familiar faces set to the famous FFVIII theme: Liberi Fatali.

Translated from the youtube description:

“A new story of “Witches” and “SeeD” begins. Past, present and future… Magic known as Time Compression distorts the universe. A wicked witch from a distant world has brought something to the world of Palamecia, and now the fates of those who have never met will intersect.”

You can watch out the trailer below. And for further information on the event, check out our previous article.

Mobius Final Fantasy is available now for free on Steam, iOS and Android devices.

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