Square Enix trademarks Secret of Mana and Final Fantasy Adventure in North America

Square Enix has filed trademark for Final Fantasy Adventure and Secret of Mana in United States. Siliconera reports that Square Enix had previously filed for a couple of Mana-series trademarks in Europe, and that they have since found two more trademarks related to Mana; this time for the U.S.

The first Mana game was originally released in North America under the name Final Fantasy Adventure, with it’s sequel coming to North America and Europe as Secret of Mana. The third installment, Seiken Densetsu 3, has never officially made it to Western shores. All three games have since been rereleased together as the Seiken Densetsu Collection in Japan for the Nintendo Switch.

While these trademarks are no guarantee for the Seiken Densetsu Collection coming to the West, as Siliconera points out that only two of the three titles have been trademarked, it should be noted that Square Enix is aware of the demands for a Western localization.

Sources: Siliconera

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