Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age is now available on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age arrives today for the first time ever on Nintendo Switch and the Xbox One family of devices, allowing fans new and old the chance to explore the lands of Ivalice and get caught in the middle of a war between two powerful Empires.

As mentioned in a previous article, the Switch and Xbox One versions of Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age will come with a bundle of new features alongside it’s high definition graphical updates. These updates include:

  • A New Trial Mode.
  • The chance to switch between the Original and Remastered soundtrack.
  • License Reset Function: Players can reset and change their party member’s jobs by speaking to Clan Centurio’s leader Montblanc in Rabanastre. This will allow players the chance to customize the jobs of their party however they see fit.
  • Additional Gambit Sets: Gambits will allow players the ability to customize their party’s AI, giving players the chance to switch between three unique sets for different situations, such as map exploration or boss fights.
  • Improved “New Game +”: Players will be able to start the game with party members at level 90 and carry over some items like weapons, magic, and gil obtained in previous playthroughs.
  • Specific to the Xbox One X: Will support 60fps.


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