Left Alive's 1.03 patch update adds "Casual Mode" and balance improvements

Left Alive is getting a new patch update and is available now to download for PlayStation 4 and Steam, Square Enix has announced.

Casual Mode

In patch 1.03, players can now access a new difficulty option made specifically for those that wish to experience Left Alive purely for its story. Playing with ‘Casual Mode’ selected comes with several gameplay adjustments including:

  • Increased attack strength – your attacks will do more damage
  • Reduced enemy damage output – enemy attacks do less damage, so you’ll be able to run and gun a little more freely than before
  • Increased ammo limit – more ammo = more shooting!
  • Heavily reduced enemy health – enemies take less damage before going down
  • Increased headshot damage and attacks from behind – hits to the head now do more damage and the effectiveness of attacks from the rear is also increased. It’s now possible to do major damage in a single hit
  • More Wanzer durability – player-controlled mechs can take more of a beating, so you can stay in them longer

Players can choose to start a new save file with these settings or change the difficulty at any time through Left Alive’s in-game option menu.

Balance improvements

The new update also makes some balance improvements across all of the game’s difficulty options.

Here’s some examples:

  • 2 first aid kits have been added to each main character’s starting inventory
  • Each character also starts with more ammo than before
  • You can now lose 8 bullets in the encounter with the soldier in Chapter 01 – previously all bullets were removed
  • Enemy accuracy has been reduced – they’re still dangerous, but you have a little more room for error
  • Reduced damage from frag grenades

Language Tweaks and Bug Fixes

Last, but not least, both the Steam and PlayStation 4 version of Left Alive will receive bits of language tweaks, while the Steam version alone will get some bug fixes and increased stability.

Left Alive is available for PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam.

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