Valkyrie Profile crossover event returns to Star Ocean: Anamnesis

Valkyrie Profile returns to Square Enix’s popular mobile title Star Ocean: Anamnesis with a second official limited-time run. Starting today and running until June 3rd, 2019. players can add both new and returning Valkyrie Profile characters to their collections, obtain new weapons, challenge special events and receive login bonus rewards.

Details for the limited-time event include:

  • New Original Character Illustrations: Exclusively for this collaboration, renowned artist Akira “AKIMAN” Yasuda–famous for his work in Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness and the Street Fighter series–has created new illustrations for Azure Lenneth and two additional characters: Lezard and Mystina. Koh Yoshinari, one of the original character designers on Valkyrie Profile, has also contributed new illustrations for Freya, Hirst and Arngrim.


3D Renders

  • New Banner Characters: Players now have the chance to add the following Valkyrie Profile characters to their collections through limited-time banners.
    • Available now:
      • Azure Lenneth (5-star Ace Sharpshooter)
      • Freya (5-star Ace Invoker)
    • Available later in the event:
      • Hrist (5-star Ace Defender)
      • Arngrim (5-star Ace Attacker)
      • Lezard (5-star Ace Invoker)
      • Mystina (5-star Ace Invoker)
  • Returning Banner Characters: Lenneth (5-star Ace Attacker) and Silmeria (5-star Ace Sharpshooter) return through a limited-time banner, and may also be Awakened for the first time, allowing players the chance to make them stronger. Players can collect Awakening materials through Deep Space Explorations and limited-time event achievements.
  • The Purged Wizard Event: Seek additional rewards by completing “The Purged Wizard” limited-time event. The first part of this event is available now, with two additional parts releasing throughout the collaboration period. By participating in this event, players can earn Magic Crystals, which can be used to pull from a limited-time Box Draw to obtain rewards, such as 5-star Character Tickets, 5-Star Weapon Tickets, L. Limit Breakers and more.
  • Blood Valkyrie Event: The Blood Valkyrie is accepting challengers! Throughout the collaboration period, players can earn Blood Valkyrie Coins from this exclusive boss, which can be used to purchase rare items, such as a 5-Star Weapon Ticket, L. Limit Breaker and Barrier Blaster, in the Item Exchange.
  • Login Bonuses: All players can receive generous rewards, including a 5-star Character Ticket, 5-star Weapon Ticket, Limit Breakers and more, by logging in daily.
  • New Weapons: Players can add exclusive weapons, including Divine Elven Bow, Ether Laser and Dainsleif weapons to their collections through a limited-time banner.

Star Ocean: Anamnesis is available for free on iOS and Android devices.

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