Life is Strange 2 Episode 3: Wastelands available now

The third episode for Life is Strange 2 is available now for download for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Watch the launch trailer for Episode 3: Wastelands here.

With “Wastelands”, Sean and Daniel Diaz continue on their long journey from Seattle to Mexico – a few months after their escape from Beaver Creek as they arrive in the Redwood Forests of California.

Along the way, the brothers will reunite with some familiar faces, befriend a close-knit community of drifters and runaways, and begin working on an illegal farm in order to make enough money and resume their journey. Episode 3: Wastelands will ultimately test the resolve of the Diaz brothers once more as they learn more about themselves and their bond with each other.

Finally, the Co-Creative Directors of Life is Strange 2 shared a few words regarding the Episode 3:

“The coming-of-age story in Life is Strange 2 hits a crucial point in ‘Wastelands.’ The key themes in this episode are community, relationships, and finding your own identity. Sean gets to hang out with a group of friends again and be a teenager, while Daniel finds new people to look up to,” said Michel Koch and Raoul Barbet.

“The brothers will spend more time apart and really learn a lot about themselves and who they are as individuals. They have been on an intense journey, and this episode represents a moment for them to experience some sense of normality and focus on themselves, although within the context of an alternative community and lifestyle.”

Life is Strange 2 is available now digitally for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Steam.

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