Final Fantasy IX Version 1.02 update fixes long-running music bug on PS4 (Update: out on Switch and Android)

Final Fantasy IX‘s PlayStation 4 version received a new patch today that fixes a long-running music bug that caused background music to restart after battles and Tetra Master matches. Why’s that a problem you ask? Well, given the game’s random encounter system, it became common to hear the same several seconds of music over and over again when traveling through the game’s many environments.

The most recent patch 1.02 weighs in at around 200 MB and also fixes a few minor bugs including getting stuck on the world map.

Originally released in 2000, Final Fantasy IX was recently ported to i0S and Android (2016), PC (2016), and PlayStation 4 (2017) Earlier this year it arrived on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

Update: Square Enix confirms they are working on a patch for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Windows 10, and Steam platforms.
Update #2: Square Enix has released patches for the Nintendo Switch and Android versions of the game that correct this issue. Plans to correct are also coming to the Xbox One, iOS, Windows 10 & Steam versions.

Check out the update in the video below:

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