Marvel's Avengers E3 Q&A

The Marvel’s Avengers Twitter just published a short Q&A session for Day 1 of their E3 coverage. In this short broadcast, they asked Rose Lead Producer and Phil Lead Designer on Marvel’s Avengers eight questions selected from the fans on Twitter.

Can one play the game totally single player offline and not online?
Yes. However, it’s strongly encouraged that you play with friends as it’s a lot more fun. You can do pretty much everything offline though.

How does multiplayer work?
There’s a robust campaign where you play different heroes throughout the story. There will also be a base of operations where you can go and play multiplayer missions or the standard campaign. You’ll be able to go to many different places throughout the world.

Will there be a skill tree or leveling up?
Each character gets their own skill tree. Players will be able to create unique heroes based on what skills they choose over someone else. For example, you can focus on melee or ranged for Captain America, unlock different skills or the type of gear set that your hero has as well as your outfit.

Can you explain more about customization?
You can customize costumes, skills, gear etc. Some costumes might have a helmet or not. Marvel is working directly with the development team to allow for a wide range of costumes from over 10 years of comics.

Is this a story driven or games as a service?
This will be a story driven game, but there will be updates to the game over time at no additional cost. You’ll be able to play this game and when new content comes out like a new hero or a new area and you won’t have to pay any additional cost.

Will there be replayability?
You can run through a mission with one character and come back later with a different character for a completely different experience.

Is the beta just for the PS4?
No, the beta is for everyone. The PS4 gets an early beta, but everyone will be able to play the beta.

Can we expect improvement to the graphics?
The game is currently in an alpha state, so expect to see graphical improvements before the game launches.

Is this game open world?
The game is way too big to be an open world game. That’s why we have different areas split up that you can access from the hub and we feel that it benefits the game a lot better for it. We have opportunity to create diverse areas instead of just one big open world. There will also be more areas added into the game over the lifecycle of the game, again for no additional cost.

Marvel’s Avengers: A-Day will come to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia. PlayStation 4 owners will get access to beta as well as other unannounced perks

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