Dragon Quest Builders 2 final patch update due out August 20 in Japan; worldwide shipments exceed 1.1 million

The final patch update for Dragon Quest Builders 2 will launch on August 20, Square Enix announced during the game’s special livestream event.

The company also revealed the game has passed over 1.1 million in worldwide shipments.

Below are the following features included in the update:

Save Data Slots

The final patch update will give the game three save data slots.


To initiate the game’s epilogue, players must meet the following conditions below. From there, a letter will appear in the mail.

  • Achieve 45 builder recipes.
  • Clear the item check events for acquiring infinite materials on all Explorer’s Shores.
  • Visit a Buildertopia at least once.

New Hairstyles

Four new “Villager Hair” styles will be added for both the boy and girl characters. (Unlocked after completing the “Let’s Make a Room for the Villagers” builder recipe. The new hairstyles are not unisex.)

New Items

New items are also added to the game from the final update. The “Clear Card,” “Cloudy Card,” “Rain Card,” “Snow Card,” and “Storm Card” can be used to freely change the weather in the Isle of Awakening. (After obtaining the “Builder’s Eye” by completing all builder recipes, talk to the glowing hammerhood to get an idea for a recipe, which will then allow you to create the cards of the Magic Workstation.)

Hero’s Flag

Included in the final update is the “Hero’s Flag” system, allowing nearby villagers to follow the player character by holding the action button.


Unlocked upon reading a certain letter during the epilogue, players will be able to save up to three Buildertopias in the game.

Other Updates

The final patch update will also include the following:

  • The number of rooms on an island will now be displayed on the menu screen.
  • Natural growth of vegetation can now be turned on or off in the “Settings” screen.
  • Builder’s Eye cursor movement speed can now be chosen from three speeds in the “Settings” screen.
  • There will be arrows showing which way a villager is using an item on the guidelines of items which have direction.
  • Improved control stability and fixed some bugs.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is available for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Check here to view our full review on the game.

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