Dragon Quest of the Stars mobile game coming to the West - Closed Beta registration begins

Dragon Quest of the Stars, a mobile RPG from Square Enix that released in Japan back in 2015, is at last coming to the West in early 2020. And starting today, Android owners in select regions can visit the official Dragon Quest of the Stars website to sign up for participation in the Closed Beta Test for the Android version of the game.

Dragon Quest of the Stars will allow players to create their own custom character, designed by renowned artist Akira Toriyama, and two companions to set forth on an intergalactic single-player journey to stop the destruction of entire planets and worlds. Players can also participate in multiplayer modes with up to three other players and utilize themed stickers designed by illustrator and emoji creator Kanahei to communicate between player characters.

Players will be able to battle against iconic Dragon Quest monsters by using touch controls to activate skills and unleash powerful combo attacks through the skill gauge. Additionally, selecting up to four items and one food item before going into battle will give your party a competitive edge or restore health during combat.

The Closed Beta for Dragon Quest of the Stars is scheduled to run from October 30 to November 28, 2019. The game will be free to download and will have in-app purchases come it’s official release.


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