Luminous Productions interviews reveal a brand new IP for Square Enix is underway

In two blog interviews over on the official website for Luminous Productions (The team behind Final Fantasy XV) Square Enix President Yosuke Matsuda and Studio Head Takeshi Aramaki shared their thoughts on game development, their hopes and expectations and more in two separate interviews regarding the past, present and future of their budding studio.

Additionally, it was revealed that a brand-new triple-A title is currently underway. According to President Matsuda, despite the studio having created Final Fantasy XV, the IP will be something entirely new:

“What types of products and IP is Luminous Productions currently working on? Considering that the studio was initially staffed largely by the development team of “Final Fantasy XV,” I would imagine that they’re working on something relevant to the Final Fantasy series.”

Matsuda: No, they’re actually working on completely new IP. “Creating new IP with the latest technology” – that’s the primary mission of Luminous Productions.

“Creating completely new, AAA-quality IP with the latest technology at a newly established studio – I feel that’s an incredibly challenging undertaking.”

Matsuda: I agree. It’s crucial that we constantly push ourselves to take on new challenges – it’s something all of us in the gaming business must strive for. Square Enix along with other studios within our group will continue to take on new challenges as well, but I want Luminous Productions to really showcase their own unique identity and flavor.

Studio Head Aramaki further confirmed this and, in his own interview, revealed that he hopes this new IP will stand alongside beloved titles like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest:

“What is the current size of Luminous Productions and how many employees do you have roughly?”

Aramaki: We have about 130 employees. In terms of the number of projects, we have several production lines in motion, including engine development and R&D.

“Among your ongoing projects, would you say the largest production would be the development of the new AAA-scale game that will be a brand new IP?”

Aramaki: Yes. The team with the largest number of staff assigned is the development of the next-generation AAA-scale game title for a brand new IP. As we all know, Square Enix has a number of popular titles under their belt like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest; Luminous Productions’ mission is to develop a new title that’s on the same playing field as those titles. Our objective is to deliver our audience a completely new IP that is marketable worldwide.

“An opportunity to develop a AAA game for a global audience, in Japan. Honestly, an opportunity like this doesn’t come along that often, does it?”

Aramaki: I’d assume there are few opportunities like this in Japan. To launch a new studio to do AAA-scale development for a global audience, and even a brand new IP at that – it’s not often that we get to take on a big challenge like this.

“Tell us about your drive and vision toward the said challenge.”

Aramaki: It might sound a bit overboard if I say to “deliver a brand new gaming experience across the world,” but that’s actually how I feel (laughs). My lifelong dream ever since I joined Square Enix has been to create a game that can stand as an equal with existing titles that are loved around the world like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. So I certainly hope to make that dream come true here at Luminous Productions.

Aramaki also made note that the relationship the Luminous team had with the fans of Final Fantasy XV had been helpful and inspiring in a lot of ways. Aramaki hopes to engage with the community in a similar fashion as Luminous crafts their future titles.

For the full interviews, check out the official blog posts:

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