Update: Star Ocean First Departure R scheduled to release this December in Japan

Square Enix has revealed that Star Ocean First Departure R, a remastered version of the first Star Ocean game, is set to release in Japan on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on December 5, 2019. Digital preorders have already begun on the Japan Playstation Store for both a standard edition and deluxe edition, and the official Japanese website was updated as well with new character art and examples of graphical updates.

The new updates in the Japanese version of Star Ocean First Departure R will include:

  • HD graphical updates: Upgraded from SD quality, enjoy the beautiful world of Star Ocean in HD!
  • New illustrations: Newly draw character illustrations by the artist “Enami Katsumi” (Star Ocean 4 character illustrator) have been added. Players can also switch between First Departure and First Departure R illustrations.
  • Voice Acting: Cutscenes and combat are fully voiced by the original cast! Players can switch between the First Departure or First Departure R voice acting at any point in the game.
  • Double speed function: Double speed has been added for field movement.
  • Game difficulty adjustment: Players will be able to choose different difficulty options.

Update: Star Ocean The First Departure R will share the same December release date in the west for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Fans preordering off the PlayStation store will get the full game, a special PS4 theme and a mini digital soundtrack from the Star Ocean Live 2019 concert.

The western version will include all the additions above with only a small difference in the voice acting choice. Players of the western version will be able to choose between the original voice cast from the PSP version, both English and Japanese, or the newly recorded voice acting with the original cast from the Super Famicom version of the game, which is Japanese only.


Key Visuals

Japanese Trailer

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