Final Fantasy XIV 5.11 arrives tomorrow with the Epic of Alexander and Ishgard Restoration

Final Fantasy XIV 5.11 is set to go live Tuesday, November 12th, and brings with it the next Ultimate-difficulty encounter and a new type of content where crafters and gatherers will come together to restore the city of Ishgard.

Here’s a closer look at what’s new:

The Epic of Alexander

The latest Ultimate-difficulty challenge is The Epic of Alexander, a trial that will pit players against the many bosses fought in the Alexander raid series from throughout the Heavensward expansion.

If you’re unfamiliar with Ultimate-difficulty challenges, know that these are the most difficult fights in the game and intended for highly-skilled players. To briefly recap difficulty modes in order of difficulty, there’s Hard, Extreme, Savage, then Ultimate. Teams from across the game’s regional data centers will vie for the coveted “World First” clear, as well as the weapons and titles collect.

Last month, the team showed off a bit of footage from the Epic of Alexander in Letter from the Producer Live – which sets the stage for what to expect:

The Final Fantasy XIV team shows off the opening cutscene and arena for the Epic of Alexander.

Ishgard Restoration

Dedicated content for Disciples of the Land and Hand (read: crafters and gatherers) comes in the form of Ishgard Restoration. After the events of the Heavensward expansion, players can rebuild part of Ishgard’s Firmament in Patch 5.11, and more projects later on in the 5.x patch series.

The first step will be building a base of operations. By consulting the Skybuilders’ Board, you can check rebuilding progress and check what requisite Collectables are needed to turn in. As more Collectables are contributed from your World’s players, the more a gauge will fill on the Board. Once full, you can attempt a “Concerted Work.”

The Skybuilders’ Board where you’ll be able to check your progress.

Concerted Works will be similar to FATEs involving many players, but for crafting and gathering jobs. You’ll be able to participate no matter your level as long as you’re currently a Disciple of the Land or Hand job. Progress may also differ between Worlds based on participation.

Once you participate in a successful Concerted Work, you’ll obtain tickets that you can trade for valuable items, including new hairstyles.

Before building begins in earnest, you must first build a base of operations.

The next content patch will arrive in 5.15, which will include a new PvP mode and map based on the Naadam story battle from the Stormblood main scenario quest. It’ll also include a big update for Blue Mage which will include rewards for completing duties without using the Undersized Party function.

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