New content updates and Black Friday activities coming to Final Fantasy Brave Exvius


Square Enix held a special Final Fantasy Brave Exvius livestream event in New York City this past weekend, and during the gathering they announced several events, content updates and promotions coming to the game in the very near future. The recording of the livestream can be viewed below for those who may have missed the event as it happened.

And here is a summary list of the upcoming events, promotions and activities, provided by Square Enix:

  • New Black Friday Units: Agent Olive, Doctor Aiden, Mastermind Xon and Operative Zyrus will be available to summon from November 28 until December 11. Each of these units has a brand-new Magnus Ability which is incredibly powerful but can only be used a limited number of times in battle.
  • The Quest for the Chest Event: This event will be available November 28 until December 11. Players can obtain three pieces of limited-time equipment, which include: Decoding Goggles, Spy of All Trades and Suit Up.
  • New Trial Boss: Starting December 5, players can take on a new Trial Boss, The Black Treasure, and obtain three additional pieces of limited-time equipment: Encoding Wristwatch, Nanoweaved Vest and Locktek Cipher.
  • Black Friday Deals:
    • “From November 28 until December 11, all story NRG will be half-off, players can obtain 3-star Trust Moogles from a special summon using Friend Points and the Vault of Hidden Treasure will return.”
    • “From November 28, three 10+1 Summon banners will be available, separated by roles (physical attacker, magic attacker and support), which guarantee one 7-star unit and a 100% STMR Moogle. Players can re-roll summons from each banner up to 9 times.”
    • “A “Fountain of Special Items” bundle will be available for purchase through December 11, including 5,600 lapis, twenty 10% Trust Moogles (all), one 5-star + Guaranteed EX Ticket and much more. Additional limited-time Black Friday Special bundles will be available for purchase during this period.”
  • Quality of life additions coming November 21:
    • Maximum Gil cap will be increased from 100M to 200M
    • Additional “Extra Challenges” will be added to the Chamber of Vengeful. Players can use up to 50 different units to earn Emblems, STMR Moogle Tickets and more.
  • Additional upcoming features: 
    • Fixed Party Battle: A new game mode where players will have to use a fixed party to complete a quest. This new mode is scheduled to arrive in December.
    • A new high difficulty Boss Quest using the Fixed Party Battle system is also scheduled for a December release.
  • New Winter Holiday units Levinson and Lucas are scheduled to arrive in December.
  • World Story Quest Missions: Scheduled to arrive in January 2020, players can clear these missions to obtain quest mission rewards even if they were already previously earned.
  • New content titled “Dark Visions: The Advent of Chaos” will begin in 2020
  • The third season of story will begin in 2020: Alongside the new story quests, new characters will be introduced and a new world will be revealed. Fan-favorite Fina will also appear as a Blue Mage!

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is available now for free on iOS and Android devices.



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