Team Thoughts Per Second of North American free company Radiance claims World First clear of The Epic of Alexander

Team “Thoughts per Second” from Gilgamesh’s “Radiance” free company is the first group to clear Final Fantasy XIV‘s new Ultimate-level challenge: The Epic of Alexander. Community recordkeeping [Google Documents] puts the timestamp at 7:26GMT on Saturday, November 16th.

A grueling marathon that tests the most highly-skilled players, the trial became available with Patch 5.11 last Tuesday. This time around, the bosses that comprised the Alexander raid series returned for a retooled rematch. Previous Ultimate challenges have featured bosses from The Binding Coil of Bahamut and Ultima Weapon.

Thoughts Per Second/Radiance poses with weapons obtained from The Epic of Alexander.
Image/Photo Credit:
@yomikadoneko [Twitter]

While the World First clear has fallen, the race continues to claim the highly coveted World Second and World Third, in addition to regional placements in Japanese, North American, and European data centers.

Final Fantasy XIV is now available for Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Steam, and Mac. An Xbox version is in the works.

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