Final Character Spotlight Trailer for Trials of Mana introduces Hawkeye and Riesz

The third and final character spotlight trailer for the upcoming Trials of Mana remake was released today on the official Square Enix youtube channel, and introduces Hawkeye and Riesz, the last two protagonists in the lineup of six playable characters.

Hawkeye is a laidback and charming young man who hails from the desert fortress of Nevarl, which is also home to a guild of noble thieves. Riesz, meanwhile, is a strong willed princess and captain of the Amazon guard from the mountainous kingdom of Laurent. Their lives take an unexpected turn upon encountering Isabella, and the two have no choice but to set out on a perilous journey.

For the previous character spotlight trailers, you check out the links below:

Trials of Mana is scheduled to release April 24, 2020 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Steam(PC).

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