Final Fantasy XIV details Patch 5.2 set for Mid-February release

Final Fantasy XIV‘s second major update to the Shadowbringers expansion will arrive in the middle of next month. Titled Echoes of a Fallen Star, patch 5.2 will see a continuation of the main scenario quest, the Eden raid series, a new dungeon, a new trial, and various other content.

The team provides a closer look in a website update today. Keep in mind that the following will contain spoilers for the Shadowbringers scenario.

Main Scenario Quests
Echoes of a Fallen Star

With Eulmore on the path to a brighter tomorrow, the Scions await such time as the Exarch might return them home. Not in idleness, however–for when has any world been content to grant its heroes respite?”

While there’s still a lot going on in the First, the Source still has its share of problems. In the images below, we see the Warrior of Light meet with Raubahn and Gaius’s company in Ala Mhigo, likely to discuss the movements of the Garlean Empire. At the conclusion of patch 5.1, we learned of a powerful new weapon they are testing. Meanwhile, on the First, a figure resembling Ardbert has been summoned. Could he be the counterpart to the realm’s savior – the Warrior of Darkness?

Raid Dungeon
Eden’s Verse

“Having taken control of the gargantuan sin eater known as Eden, Ryne continues her quest to restore the dormant elements of the Empty, with Urianger, Thancred, and the Warrior of Darkness by her side every step of the way–yet the awakening of an enigmatic young woman may put the mission in jeopardy. Will this erstwhile for continue to pose a threat, or is there more to her heart than darkness?”

The second of three chapters in the Eden raid series will properly introduce us to Gaia, referred to as the “Oracle of Darkness” in Eden’s Gate. Designed by guest artist Tetsuya Nomura, Gaia also wields a hammer. These new challenges will have a story (normal) difficulty and a Savage tier difficulty. In a previous live broadcast, the team showed off a concept art of one of the duties taking place on a floating square platform soaked in driving rain. The background is heavily reminiscent of the Thunder Plains from Final Fantasy X.

New Dungeon
Anamnesis Anyder

“Deep in the Tempest─deeper still than the phantom Amaurot of Emet-Selch’s design─lies what remains of Anyder’s ancient edifices. What slumbers forgotten in this bed of knowledge, even the Ondo know not…”

It seems more secrets await in the depths of the Tempest, within the actual ruins of Amaurot – a shining city built by ancient Ascians. Here, the ocean floor seems to have reclaimed its crumbling heights. Eagle-eyed fans may recognize Cyclops from Final Fantasy Tactics doing battle with the expedition party.

In this patch, a new tier of Allagan Tomestones of Allegory will be introduced for completion of endgame duties.

Chronicles of a New Era
The Sorrow of Werlyt

“The Garlean Empire seeks to break the stalemate with Eorzean forces by unleashing the culmination of its twisted experimentation─a brutal warmachina that exists only to destroy. On both sides of the battlefield, shadows of the past loom large as the decisive clash draws ever closer.”

This side story will likely be our introduction to the Ruby Weapon trial, taking place in the Cinder Drift. The boss is a callback to Final Fantasy VII, in which massive biomechanical Weapons emerge from the Planet’s core to protect it. However, it seems they serve an entirely different purpose on the Source. It begs the question: will later patches introduce Emerald Weapon and Diamond Weapon, for example? If you’re heading to PAX East next month, you’ll also have the chance to participate in the Ruby Weapon battle challenge.

Other new content in the Patch 5.2 series will include beast tribe quests with the qitari (known as “qiqirn” in the Source), “Resistance Weapon” quests to strengthen gear, updates to Ishgardian Restoration, an overhaul to crafting and gathering, ocean fishing, and updates to New Game Plus.

A new Letter from the Producer Live broadcast, which will share more information about the upcoming patch, will air on Thursday, February 6th, at 3:00 am Pacific Standard Time. You can check our summary of the previous letter here.

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