New screenshots for Final Fantasy VII Remake showoff new side-characters, Honey Bee Inn and more

Coinciding with the release of their new Inside Final Fantasy VII Remake video series, Square Enix has released a bunch of new high quality screenshots that showcase scenery and moments from the game in beautiful high definition, such as the Wall Market and Honey Bee Inn. Full-body character renders of some familiar side characters were also released alongside small snippets of information on the new faces we will be seeing in Final Fantasy VII Remake when it launches next month.



Tseng finally gets a character render and portrait. As the leader of the Turks, Tseng is a no-nonsense and stern individual who works for the Shinra Electric Power Company. He is a former acquaintance of Aerith and has been been keeping a close eye on her ever since she moved to the Slums of Midgar.

Don Corneo

Don Corneo is a scumbag and de facto ruler of the Wall Market who hosts nightly auditions for the “next Mrs. Corneo.” Despite his appearance however, he rules the Wall Market ruthlessly.

Andrea Rhodea

The owner and dancer at the Honey Bee Inn. Andrea is an influential person who manages the entertainment district and is one of the people in charge of hosting auditions for Corneo’s bride. He trains his body and spirit regularly in pursuit of supreme beauty.

Leslie Kyle

A subordinate of Don Corneo. Although still young, he is extremely skilled at negotiation, has a stone-cold gaze and isn’t easily moved.

Madam M

A prideful woman who runs a massage parlor in the Wall Market and has a immense love for gold. Like Andrea, Madam M also possesses the rank of approving women to see Corneo.

Chocobo Sam

The owner of a chocobo hut in the Wall Market District who runs a successful delivery business called “Sam’s Delivery.” He is a seeker of thrills and gambles, and also a recommended agent for the Corneo’s bride auditions.


Barret Battle Basics

Much like the rest of the cast of Final Fantasy VII Remake, Barret possesses his own unique combat style. He specializes in ranged attacks and fighting against monsters and enemies that melee users can’t reach.

Pressing the Triangle button will release Barret’s unique ability “Overcharge”, which is a powerful attack that utilizes the ATB gauge.

Once used, Overcharge takes a moment to activate again, but you can reduce the wait time by hitting the “Energy Reload” button.

Barret’s Battle Abilities

Fuel Burst: Consumes all ATB gauge and fires a powerful bullet with a large burst effect.

Avalanche Soul: For a certain period of time after activation, allies will share their HP when damaged.


Materia can be utilized to unlock special abilities and magic. There are lots of various types of materia that players can use to test out different combinations. Players can also learn enemy skills through special materias as well when the specified materia is equipped.

Summon Beast: Leviathan

Summon forth the magnificent water dragon to attack your enemies. Leviathan swings it’s giant tail and hits foes with powerful waves. It is also worshiped as a water god in Wutai.

The City of Midgar

Wall Market

The Wall Market is Midgar’s red light district, where Shinra’s security is weakened by the looming presence of Don Corneo. Despite being a lawless zone surrounded by walls, many people visit this part of the city in search of pleasures that can only be found here.

Corneo Colosseum

An underground fight arena where intense battles unfold all day and night, and contestants aren’t limited by any rules. Challenging opponents in the arena and winning battles will grant players rewards.

Honey Bee Inn

A luxurious nightclub in the Wall Market where the gorgeous Honeybees perform beautiful dances on an impressive stage. Costumers can purchase elaborate rooms here.

In order to gain access into Don Corneo’s mansion, Cloud, Aerith and Tifa must dress to impress! Players can also unlock different costumes for all three characters!

Beginner’s Hall

The Beginner’s Hall acts as a weapon’s shop on the first floor and a vigilante’s hideout on the second floor.

The Jukebox

Players can find and obtain “music discs” from shops and town dwellers within Midgar, then play them on the Jukebox in Seventh Heaven.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is scheduled to release on April 10, 2020 for PlayStation 4. A demo is also currently available.

Source: PlayStation Blog, Siliconera

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