Final Fantasy Brave Exvius hosts collaboration event with Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, one of Square Enix’s mobile RPGs, is hosting a special collaboration event with Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, the sequel movie to Final Fantasy VII that was released in Japan back in 2005. Beginning today and lasting until May 20th, players of Brave Exvius can take part in a limited-time event, summon iconic Advent Children characters and earn event-exclusive rewards.

Below is the full list of content that will be available during the event:

  • New Units: Players can now summon characters from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Cloud and Tifa in their AC garbs are available to summon with higher rates through a limited-time banner, alongside Yazoo & Loz. Cloud (FFVII: AC) will come with a powerful CG Limit Burst, which players will be able to see in his Unit Intro Quest before attempting to summon him.
  • Midgar’s Edge Event: Players who participate in this event can earn special currencies which can be exchanged for rewards, such as Kadaj, a Gold Enlightenment Key, Silver Enlightenment Key and more.
  • Login Bonus: Beginning today, all players can receive daily login bonuses, including Exchange Coins to summon Final Fantasy VII units (such as Cloud, Aerith, Tifa, Sephiroth, Vincent, Yuffie, Zack or Red XIII), 4-star+ Guaranteed EX Tickets, lapis and more. Players who log in every day throughout the entire campaign will be rewarded with a Prism on the final login day, May 20th, which can be used to upgrade select units, including Final Fantasy VII units, into their 7-Star form.


Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is available now on iOS, Android and Amazon devices.

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