Melody of Memory looks to be the 'Theatrhythm Kingdom Hearts' I've wanted

Kingdom Hearts Memory of Melody is a “rhythm action game” set to release this year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Featuring 140 songs and four game modes, it looks every bit the “Theatrhythm Kingdom Hearts” game many fans have yearned for.

The 3DS title Theatrhythm Final Fantasy released back in 2012, and brought together songs from throughout the series as well as characters, and monsters designed by Monster Octopus. Gameplay features three basic modes that recreate Final Fantasy battles, roaming through fields, and key cutscenes, but adapted for a rhythm game. You’d tap, swipe, or hold based on the on-screen directions, then accumulate experience points, levels, abilities, and items very much like a Final Fantasy RPG.

It received a follow-up edition in 2014’s Curtain Call, an arcade version All-star Carnival, as well as a Dragon Quest series version. Copious DLC for Curtain Call brought in many more tunes, even from the SaGa, Mana, and NieR series, but Kingdom Hearts was notably absent — it almost seemed a guarantee that a title devoted to Kingdom Hearts would be forthcoming.

Melody of Memory is working with the series 3D action battle system. In the trailer below, you can that’s been overlaid on Theatrhythm’s style. We might expect similar RPG trappings, such as levelling up characters and customizing abilities, though that’s yet to be confirmed. The player is seen zooming around in a gummi ship, which highlights that music may be fittingly sorted according to the worlds in which they appear.

While there’s single player modes, an online mode will be available to challenge others. In Curtain Call you could match with another player where you can each choose a song to battle through, deploying various abilities that affected each others’ gameplay. It was a pretty fun way to add a twist to the single player structure, even if I ended up losing far more than winning. Other cool additions included dungeons that would generate based off of your party’s levels, adding a more engaging angle than scrolling through playlists.

Melody of Memory will include story content as well, with what looks to be scenes set after the conclusion of Kingdom Hearts III ReMind. “Melodies and memories hold the secret of his final plan.” We see Kairi and Riku meet the Master of Masters in the Final World, and it seems there’s more to Kairi’s past we may uncover in this title.

Theatrhythm was a series I spent hundreds of hours with out of pure enjoyment due to the pedigree of Final Fantasy series music, and at long last Kingdom Hearts fans will get their turn.

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