Marvel's Avengers update adds new outpost and Tachyon Rift missions

The latest update to Marvel’s Avengers dropped yesterday, and included another round of bug fixes and quality of life improvements (some we recorded here.) It also includes new content in the form of an outpost you can visit in the Pacific Northwest region: the SHIELD Substation Zero.

It’s at this location that you’ll meet SHIELD’s Maria Hill in person, who will elaborate on a strange temporal phenomenon that’s begun to transpire. This meeting will open up a new type of daily mission called Tachyon Rifts. The tachyon storms that take place within will slowly sap your willpower (health) but heroic abilities charge at a faster rate. A timer will also tick downward, and, if it runs out, will end the mission in failure. However, you can collect tachyon particles in the field and by defeating enemies to add time to the clock, so it’s important to keep moving and keep busy.

Tachyon Rifts are intended for late-game play — it’s recommended that you attempt them with a Level 50 hero with a power rating of 140. Gear with a Cosmic attribute can be found by completing these missions, which will refresh daily.

In the video below, we check out SHIELD Substation Zero and take on a Tachyon Rift mission. You can also watch our full playthrough of the ‘Reassembled’ campaign here.

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