Marvel's Avengers updates content roadmap, delays Kate Bishop update & next-gen versions

The launch of Marvel’s Avengers in September has been rocky at best, with myriad issues affecting the game’s matchmaking, progress-halting bugs, and disappearing skill points and costumes. Developer Crystal Dynamics acknowledged these shortcomings, committing to ongoing fixes and adjustments in a new blog post. They also shared updates about the content roadmap they’ve planned for the next several months.

The team cite four major areas of improvement, including performance and stability tweaks that will attempt to fix the large amount of crashes reported on the PC version of the game. Matchmaking will be improved by allowing a larger pool of players to participate in a given mission and cut down on the wait to assemble a group. Exotic drops will feel unique and earned when you participate in the late-game content that bestow them.

Another area the team seeks to improve is the endgame content. Recently, Mega Hives were added the the game. They’re a gauntlet of back-to-back missions geared for solo players that make use of your whole hero roster. Should one hero fall, another will take their place. If all heroes fall before Mega Hive is complete, you must restart from the beginning. Based on player feedback, the team is looking into building in multiplayer functionality for this mission type.

Just this week Tachyon Rifts were added, which are daily missions in which a timer and your health are slowly sapped. Should that timer reach zero you’ll fail the mission and restart from a checkpoint. Defeating enemies and/or collecting tachyon particles will extend this timer. You can check out footage of this in our story here.

In the next few weeks, the team will add high-difficulty multiplayer content under the banner of Omega Level Threats, the first of which is the AIM Cloning Lab. Described as a high power level mission that requires the coordination of a full team of four players, it “culminates in a massive fight that is influenced by how you performed in the penultimate objective.”

Players will expect a “fixed and predictable patching cycle” going forward, but the original plan to release the Kate Bishop Operation in October has been slightly delayed to ensure that it meets their quality standard. In tandem with the Tachyon Rifts, this story of this content will bridge the end of the Reassembled story campaign into what comes next.

Shifting the schedule forward will also delay the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series versions to next year. The next-generation consoles will benefit Marvel’s Avengers by offering better framerates and decreased loading times. A new War Table broadcast will air in November with more information on upcoming content.

Marvel’s Avengers is now available on Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Stadia.

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