Final Fantasy XI's November Update brings new story content and features

Available today, Final Fantasy XI‘s November Update continues The Voracious Resurgence scenario that released in August. Square Enix prefaces:

“A terrible tragedy in Windurst’s Heavens Tower sets the stage for the next chapter
Broken promises, false witnesses, and hazy memories confound those trying to put the pieces together
It falls to an adventurer to find where the truth lies”

This second chapter features Kupipi, a “rolanberry-loving secretary in Heavens Tower swears upon a stack of books that her memory is second to none.” The Cardians are mystical warriors fashioned in the Manustery, tasked with defending something for the utmost importance. The Star Onion Brigade fights for “truth, justice, and the onion way” and are “eager to adventure and punish ne’er-do-wells who would see the world burn.”

The November Update also brings with it an update to Ambuscade, where players can fight new enemies including the Mamool Ja and a family of Bombs offer an arcana. A new Assist Chat Channel has been added that’s designed to connect new and returning players with knowledgeable veterans.

The Mog Bonanza event returns today and runs through December 11th, wherein players can purchase a Mog Bonanza pearl and guess the three-digit number they think will be the winning combination. When the wining number are announced, players can collect their prizes afterwards. Between November 11th and November 30th, the Winter Approaches campaign will bring with it a collection of special campaigns that provide a number of bonuses like increased seal and crest drop rates, special drop rewards on select battlefields, equipment rewards from vanquishing monsters in Reisenjima and much more.

On November 10th, you can accept a trial from Lion, and, should you prevail, you can earn daggers as rewards, including a Norgish Dagger, the Esikuva, and the Infiltrator. Additionally, new moogle porter storage updates, items, titles, and more have been added.

The November Login Campaign is also active, including new rewards and bonuses. Log in enough times and you’ll be be able to exchange points for a new Golden Bomb mount.

You can check out the official update details here.


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