Final Fantasy XIV previews Patch 5.4 content arriving in early December

Futures Rewritten, the fourth-titled update to Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers will arrive in early December. Today, Square Enix shared more details (and screenshots) of the new content and features planned for the patch via their official patch website.

More information will be revealed in the next Letter from the Producer Live, scheduled for the morning of November 27th. In it we’ll see more of what’s planned for Patch 5.4. Until then, you can peruse through the contents of the last broadcast here, which includes a rundown of 5.4. content.

Be warned: the content below contains spoilers for the Shadowbringers main scenario.

Futures Rewritten

“With Elidibus defeated and the fate of the First secured, the Scions make their long-awaited return to the Source. But in the new future they now look towards, will that which is written upon the pages of history be an anthem of hope…or a dirge of despair?”

Continuing the main scenario from Patch 5.3 “Reflections in Crystal” will see the Warrior of Light and the Scions of the Seventh Dawn reunited in the Source. Like previous expansions, this chapter will begin to pivot the story towards the game’s next expansion, likely to release next year.

Matoya’s Relict

“The Makers’ Quarter was once home to some of the finest crafters Eorzea had ever seen, but it has lain in forgotten ruin since the Sharlayan exodus. It is there, hidden amidst overgrown foliage, that the entrance to the former workshop of the Archon Matoya can be found…”

A new level 80 dungeon called “Matoya’s Relict” will be added and part of the main scenario quest chain. This dungeon will be compatible with the Trust system, which allows players to bring along key NPCs in the place of other players.

Eden’s Promise

“Ryne and her mysterious counterpart Gaia have succeeded in restoring balance to the elements of the Empty. Much of the credit goes to the Warrior of Light, whom they invite to observe whether life continues to flourish in the once-barren desert. While the flame of hope burns brighter than ever, this tale is far from over…”

The third and final chapter of the Eden raid series arrives in this patch, as depicted in the keyart and logo. This eight-man raid will have both a story and Savage-level difficulty. As is customary with these raids, a new tier of Allagan tomestome will be introduced to purchase gear concurrently with drops obtained in the raid.

The Sorrows of Werlyt

“Gaius and the Warrior of Light are another step closer to thwarting the Empire’s warmachina development project after vanquishing the Sapphire Weapon. However, newly unearthed information alludes to another foe lurking in the shadows, and you must take decisive action before it is too late.”

This chapter of The Sorrows of Werlyt scenario will pit you against the Emerald Weapon. An Extreme-level difficulty version will also release alongside the story version.

Final Fantasy XIV is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Mac. It is compatible with PlayStation 5.

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