Final Fantasy XIV previews Patch 5.4 content arriving in early December

Futures Rewritten, the fourth-titled update to Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers will arrive in early December. Today, Square Enix shared more details (and screenshots) of the new content and features planned for the patch via their official patch website.

More information will be revealed in the next Letter from the Producer Live, scheduled for the morning of November 27th. In it we’ll see more of what’s planned for Patch 5.4. Until then, you can peruse through the contents of the last broadcast here, which includes a rundown of 5.4. content.

Be warned: the content below contains spoilers for the Shadowbringers main scenario.

Futures Rewritten

“With Elidibus defeated and the fate of the First secured, the Scions make their long-awaited return to the Source. But in the new future they now look towards, will that which is written upon the pages of history be an anthem of hope…or a dirge of despair?”

Continuing the main scenario from Patch 5.3 “Reflections in Crystal” will see the Warrior of Light and the Scions of the Seventh Dawn reunited in the Source. Like previous expansions, this chapter will begin to pivot the story towards the game’s next expansion, likely to release next year.

Matoya’s Relict

“The Makers’ Quarter was once home to some of the finest crafters Eorzea had ever seen, but it has lain in forgotten ruin since the Sharlayan exodus. It is there, hidden amidst overgrown foliage, that the entrance to the former workshop of the Archon Matoya can be found…”

A new level 80 dungeon called “Matoya’s Relict” will be added and part of the main scenario quest chain. This dungeon will be compatible with the Trust system, which allows players to bring along key NPCs in the place of other players.

Eden’s Promise

“Ryne and her mysterious counterpart Gaia have succeeded in restoring balance to the elements of the Empty. Much of the credit goes to the Warrior of Light, whom they invite to observe whether life continues to flourish in the once-barren desert. While the flame of hope burns brighter than ever, this tale is far from over…”

The third and final chapter of the Eden raid series arrives in this patch, as depicted in the keyart and logo. This eight-man raid will have both a story and Savage-level difficulty. As is customary with these raids, a new tier of Allagan tomestome will be introduced to purchase gear concurrently with drops obtained in the raid.

The Sorrows of Werlyt & Castrum Marinum

“Gaius and the Warrior of Light are another step closer to thwarting the Empire’s warmachina development project after vanquishing the Sapphire Weapon. However, newly unearthed information alludes to another foe lurking in the shadows, and you must take decisive action before it is too late.”

This chapter of The Sorrows of Werlyt scenario will pit you against the Emerald Weapon. An Extreme-level difficulty version will also release alongside the story version.

“Your recent victories have led to the discovery of vital information regarding the Weapon project, confirming the existence of a warmachina code-named “Emerald.” It falls to you to spearhead a preemptive strike before this menace can be unleashed upon the world.”

Ishgardian Restoration (5.41)

“With the residences of the New Nest providing homes for countless Ishgardians and the markets of Featherfall ever flourishing, the Firmament is evolving day by day into the living, breathing heart of the post-war Holy See. So it is that Lord Francel de Haillenarte turns his eyes to the fourth phase of the restoration effort, which will see the construction of a cultural district where nobleman and commoner, man and dragon alike might further enrich their lives through aesthetic pursuits.”

The final chapter in the Ishgardian Restoration effort will begin in 5.41, and with it will come new Skybuilders’ leaderboards. Based on the World you’re in, the crafting job that contributes the most will get a monument built in the Firmament.

Save the Queen & Delburum Reginae (5.45)

The battle for the southern front wages on, and having failed to retake Castrum Lacus Litore, chances of victory appear slim for the Resistance. Slimmer still should the IVth Imperial Legion bring the full might of Save the Queen to gear.

The latest chapter of the Save the Queen scenario will feature a duty similar to the Baldesion Arsenal in the Eureka series. 48 players will be able to participate.

“Beneath the wastes of Bozja Citadel lie the ruins of Queen Gunnhildr’s kingdom. The temple at its heart, once a shining beacon of hope for Bozja, now remains forever shrouded in darkness. And it is there the Warrior of Light must lay the queen’s legacy to rest.”

Blue Mage (5.45)

“Patch 5.45 sees the level cap for blue mage raised to 70, as well as the introduction of all-new blue mage job-specific quests and gear. Practitioners of the cerulean arts will also discover new spells to master, and find their blue mage logs updated with 4.x patch content. Being blue has never been so much fun!”

Systems Updates

Faux Hollows
“The faux commander wishes to hear a tale of heart-stopping terror and victory against impossible odds, for which your climactic encounter with Titan seems the perfect candidate. You cast your mind’s eye back to that fateful day, when you stood on the very precipice of certain doom…”

The Unreal trial versus Shiva will be replaced with Titan.

• The Shifting Oubliettes of Lyhe Ghiah
Fuath tricksters, renowned for their devilish sense of mischief even amongst the impish fae, have overrun the dungeons beneath Lyhe Ghiah. It is said they have ensorcelled the deepest sanctum with their chaotic magicks, and tempt mortal visitors into playing their “games” with the promise of unearthly riches. Should you stumble upon their hidden domain, know that you gamble your life with every spin of fate’s wheel!”

Ocean Fishing Update
As well as charting new fishing routes for his adventurous passengers, the ship’s captain has devised a series of missions to challenge you during the course of a voyage. Complete mission objectives to earn bonus points, and aim to haul in your highest score ever!

• Triple Triad Update
“In order to provide a better card-battling experience, the Triple Triad rules and user interface have undergone a number of revisions and improvements. The Gold Saucer has also introduced new tournament modes that cater to both beginners and veterans alike. These short-style competitions are available on a regularly cycling schedule, and require all participants to build temporary decks from randomly generated “house” cards. All you need to do is sign up and play!”

• Doman Mahjong Update
“The exciting Eastern pastime is more accessible than ever, thanks to the new Quick Match option and a number of improvements to the interface.”

• Explorer Mode
“The new Duty Finder feature known as “Explorer Mode” allows you to revisit dungeons in their completed state, and will initially be available for instances that were introduced with Patch 5.0 or later. With this mode enabled, you can mount up and ride around the dungeon, or put down a striking dummy and batter it with limit breaks. And with no hostile creatures to bar your path, you are free to roam and take screenshots to your heart’s content!”

• Performance Update
“New instruments are being added, allowing for even more creative freedom!”
New violin instruments will be added.

• New Game Plus
“Relive more of your past adventures with newly added chapters for main scenario quests from Patch 5.1 to Patch 5.3, as well as level 80 job quests and role quests.”

New Items

Final Fantasy XIV is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Mac. It is compatible with PlayStation 5.

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