'Operation Kate Bishop Taking AIM' arrives in Marvel's Avengers on December 8

In their latest ‘War Table’ presentation, the Marvel’s Avengers developers reveal the first large update after the game’s September launch will arrive on December 8th. Such updates will be called “Operations” and the first features Kate Bishop in “Taking AIM” which introduces her as a new playable hero along with a scenario that continues after the ‘Reassembled’ campaign’s conclusion.

Investigating the disappearances of Nick Fury and her mentor Clint Barton, her path eventually crosses with the Avengers. The story will be a double-feature where Clint Barton, or Hawkeye, will be featured in the second half. Currently, the Tachyon Rift missions available in the game now will lead up to this Operation, where Kate Bishop will take a prominent role. This Operation will also introduce an “Omega-Level Threat” a boss called a Super Adaptoid that mimics the abilities of the Avengers.

In the trailers below, you can check out gameplay featuring Kate Bishop, where she uses bow, sword, and warping techniques to dismantle enemies.

Operation Hawkeye: Future’s Imperfect will release in early 2021, and a next-generation launch of the game is also planned for early 2021.

‘Operation: Kate Bishop – Taking AIM’ trailer

War Table: Kate Bishop Deep Dive

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