Square Enix trademarks "Ever Crisis" and "The First Soldier"

Square Enix filed for three trademarks: “Ever Crisis”, “The First Soldier”, and another for the ShinRa Electric Power Company logo according to a report from Gematsu.

It’s worth noting that “Ever Crisis” fits within the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII” nomenclature, such as: “Advent Children”, “Before Crisis”, “Crisis Core”, and “Dirge of Cerberus.”

Before Crisis was a Japan-exclusive mobile phone game that followed the Turks as they track Avalanche in the city of Midgar — the events directly precede the original Final Fantasy VII. Crisis Core features Zack Fair, a Shinra SOLDIER that Cloud once knew, as he climbs the ranks and uncovers the sinister truths behind the company’s endeavors. This game also takes place years before the original game.

Advent Children takes place two years Final Fantasy VII, where a mysterious illness wracks the population that has survived Meteorfall, and mysterious Remnants seek to commence another “Reunion” of JENOVA’s disparate parts. Dirge of Cerberus takes place last in the timeline, with ex-Turk Vincent Valentine on the trail of the shadowy Deepground para-military unit emerging from the wiped-out depths of Midgar.

A bit of speculation: perhaps “Ever Crisis” will have a different scope than the other entries given its distinct title — rather than a HD remaster or Part 2 of the Final Fantasy VII Remake. “The First Soldier”, likely involving Sephiroth, seems like an apropos subtitle for the second Remake title. After all, where the first Remake leaves off could pick back up with the Nibelheim flashback in Kalm and chasing the black-caped man across the planet.

As for when a formal announcement could happen, details are unknown.


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