Final Fantasy XI's 'Voracious Resurgence' continues in February Update

Available today, Final Fantasy XI‘s February Update continues The Voracious Resurgence scenario that started last year. This chapter takes place in San d’Oria. Square Enix prefaces:

“Two knights find themselves in an unfamiliar situation–a royal ball where fates collide.
The guest of honor is none other than the prince, who faces threats that cannot be bested by a glint of steel.
Yet when fiends from the north get involved, it may take more than just the Royal Knights to protect their charge.”

The third chapter features Trion, the prince of San d’Oria “whose sense of duty to family and country has seen him on the frontlines of battle time and again–yet when it comes to social gatherings, he’s got two left feet.” Altennia is a Royal Knight and leader of the Carmine Swallows whose brother, Halver, “may just be in over his head.” Excenmille is the head of House Aurchiat and “bester of orcs far and wide.”

The February Update will also update Ambuscade with new battles for both Normal and Intense difficulties. The Intense mode will have you square off against iron giants. Odyssey will be updated where players can test their strength against new monstered added to Sheol: Gaol.

Additionally, a slate of seasonal and promotional events are set to hit the game. New Year’s Alter Ego Expo (Feb 11 — March 1) will have new alter egos reflecting various NPCs for players to collect. Valentione’s Day (Feb 8 — Feb 16) will have you participate in special quests and mini-games to help lovelorn chocobos.

The Midwinter Succor Campaign takes place in two parts, with the first taking place from February 11th to February 18th. It includes a combat and magic skill increase campaign, Mog Gardens campaign, Ambuscade gallantry campaign and more, each will have “significant” bonuses and rewards for players. Part 2 of the campaign takes places between Feburary 19th and March 1st, and will include additional campaigns, chain experience bonuses, chain monstrosity bonuses, and a double capacity point campaign, and more.

The February Login Campaign will also have its login rewards including a Wivre mount, and Troth, a winning-entry for a shield design contest. The Reutrn Home to Vanadiel campaign is also active from February 19th to March 1st, where inactive players (“Cancelled” status since Tuesday, February 16th) can return to Final Fantasy XI free of charge and with no limits on playtime.

Final Fantasy XI is now available on Windows PC.

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