Legend of Mana remaster announced, coming to multiple platforms

Legend of Mana is back. Announced today during the Nintendo Direct livestream, this classic PlayStation JRPG returns to current generation consoles as a remaster that is set to launch June 24, 2021 on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Steam.

Players will set off on a magical adventure to find the Mana Tree, only to discover that the world map is entirely empty. Throughout your adventure, you will acquire special artifacts that can be placed on the map in order to bring towns and dungeons to life by utilizing the Land Creation System. You can also progress the story in different ways based on the choices you make, offering players a unique gameplay experience.

Legend of Mana will release digitally and will feature remastered graphics, a rearranged soundtrack, and the “Ring Ring Land” mini-game, which had not been previously released in the West. The game comes with a price tag of $29.99, and those who preorder before the release date will receive an early purchase reward, which includes ten avatars and a special Legend of Mana theme (PlayStation 4) or a Legend of Mana Wallpaper(Steam).

Announcement Trailer

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