Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade voice cast and gameplay revealed

Hot on the heels of the original game’s year anniversary, Square Enix has new details on the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade release for PlayStation 5. First and foremost, the brand-new Yuffie-centric episode now has a name: FF7R Episode INTERmission.

New details break down Yuffie’s specific battle style in combat as she infiltrates the Shinra Corporation to steal a powerful materia and restore glory to her homeland – she shines in both close and long-range combat. As a member of Wutai’s elite corps of ninja operatives, her Unique Ability allows her to throw her massive throwing star at enemies. During this, she is able to attack with long-range ninjutsu that can be augmented with her Elemental Ninjutsu ability, which can change its affinity to fire, ice, lightning or wind.

Another one of Yuffie’s abilities, “Banishment,” unleashes an attack that does more damage based on how much ATB was spent before it. Similar to her Unique Ability, its elemental affinity can be changed with Elemental Ninjutsu. Yuffie can also use “Windstorm,” which creates a damaging gust of wind that damages nearby enemies and launches them towards her.

Alongside Yuffie and Sonon, additional characters were introduced for FF7R Episode INTERmission, including Zhijie, a Wutain who acts as the point of contact between the new Wutaian government and Avalanche HQ, members of Avalanche HQ—Nayo, Billy Bob, and Polk, and Weiss, the sadistic ruler of Shinra’s top-secret underground research center Deepground.

Square Enix also revealed the English voice cast for the characters appearing in this special episode:

  • Yuffie Kisaragi, voiced by Suzie Yeung
  • Sonon Kusakabe, voiced by Aleks Le
  • Weiss, voiced by Daman Mills
  • Zhijie, voiced by Griffin Puatu
  • Nayo, voiced by Ashley Boettcher
  • Billy Bob, voiced by David Goldstein
  • Polk, voiced by Daniel Amerman

New character renders and screenshots can be found in their respective galleries below:

Character Renders


Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is due out on June 10 for PS5. FF7R Episode INTERmission will be available as a separate purchase for those upgrading from the PS4 version for $19.99.

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