NEO: The World Ends with You receives an official release date and new trailer

Square Enix announced today that NEO: The World Ends with You, the long awaited sequel to the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Switch game The World Ends with You, has officially received a release date alongside a plethora of screenshots, character artwork and a brand-new trailer, all of which can be viewed below.

NEO: The World Ends with You will be launching on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 consoles on July 27, 2021 with a confirmed PC version coming to the Epic Games Store sometime in Summer 2021. Pre-orders are available right now for the physical and digital versions for PlayStation 4 and the physical version for the Nintendo Switch.

NEO: The World Ends with You follows the story of Rindo as his ordinary day is interrupted by the sudden appearance of an ominous girl calling herself a Reaper. Agreeing to take part in the Reapers’ Game, a life-or-death battle for survival, Rindo begins to have second thoughts about his decision as he battles against monsters known as the Noise.

The game takes place in Shibuya, Tokyo and players will be able to explore the bustling city while listen to the incredible soundtrack by composer Takeharu Ishimoto (THIRLL Inc.). Players will also have the ability to customize their party by choosing from hundreds of different pins that will boost abilities, heal your team or let you attack enemies.

Scanning will also be a featured gamplay element, allowing players to scan their surroundings to read the thoughts of the people of Shibuya and obtain valuable information, and to visualize Noise monsters to initiate combat.


Rindo, Fret, Nagi and Minamimoto make up the newest players to the Reapers’ Game and form the team: The Wicked Twisters. Rindo, a high schooler who has a “go with the flow” attitude and does not go out of his way to converse with others though will not turn them away if they approach, is the de facto leader of the team. Fret is Rindo’s happy-go-lucky classmate who is a natural conversationalist who likes to keep situations light when things get too serious. He enjoys wandering around town with his friend “Rindude.”

Nagi is a college student whose youthful appearance leads others to mistake her for a high school student. She is passionate about her hobbies and video games, and is highly perceptive and acutely aware of others’ emotion. She shows disdain toward people she deems disingenuous. Minamimoto forces himself into the team’s roster when he uses his impressive psychic powers to save Rindo and the others early on in the story. He calculates every possible future using his own special formulas and acts in accordance to those calculations. He otherwise remains a mystery to the rest of the party and seems to have his eyes set on bigger goals.

And finally we have Shiba, the highest ranking member of the Reapers. He worked his way to the top within a single year, and serves as the Game’s Master and arbiter of its rules. His psychic powers far surpass any other Reaper, ensuring none of them ever disobey him.

Key art

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