Final Fantasy XIV details Patch 5.55 releasing May 25

Final Fantasy XIV‘s Patch 5.55 is set to release on May 25th, according to the latest Letter from the Producer Live broadcast. This patch, titled “Death Unto Dawn – Part 2” concludes the main scenario quest until the Endwalker expansion arrives on November 23rd. It should also be known that this patch will commence official service for the PlayStation 5 version, which has since been an open beta phase.

Death Unto Dawn – Part 2

“With a close friend grievously wounded and deadly primals at large, the Scions face a bitter struggle. Newfound alliances with Tiamat and the Amal’jaa provide a glimmer of hope, but with a world at stake, will this be enough?”

Save the Queen – Zadnor

Additionally, the patch will include the final update for the Save the Queen series. Penned by Yasumi Matsuno, the Warrior of Light will join the Bozjan Resistance in Zadnor, a new battlefield located in the northeast of Bozja, along the Dalmascan border.

Here, you’ll be able to raise your Resistance rank from 15 to 25, participate in new skirmishes and critical engagements to obtain mettle, and collect new rewards. New “proofs of mettle” can also be purchased to increase your stats once you obtain the maximum rank. A raid on the imperial warship Dalriada will take place, in a similar fashion as Castrum Lacus Litore and Delubrum Reginae.

The final step in upgrading Resistance weapons will be implemented and will be unlocked by completing previous steps and and the Zadnor battlefield in Patch 5.55. When upgraded, the weapons will have slightly higher stats than weapons obtained from Eden’s Promise (Savage).

“The IVth Legion has been forced to retreat north to the barren plateaus of Zadnor, but the arrival of their imposing flagship gives the Resistance pause. Clearly a sign of desperation─or so one would hope. Both sides have been pushed to their limit, but who will emerge the victor as the battle for Bozja reaches its bloody climax?”

Quality of Life

Of course, there are new quality of life updates as well. New Game+ will add main scenario quests from Patch 5.4 through 5.55, as well as the YoRHa Dark Apocalypse alliance raid scenario that features a collaboration with NieR Automata.

The Performance feature will be updated with an electric guitar that has a special sound boosting feature as part of a real-world collaboration with Fender’s Stratocaster guitar line. New emotes are on tap as well.

Final Fantasy XIV is now available on Windows PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

Save the Queen – Chapter 3 (Patch 5.45)

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