NieR Reincarnation director asks fans to wait "a little longer" for English version news

NieR Reincarnation, a mobile game set in the NieR universe, recently released in Japan on February 18th. Fans anticipating the English version release received an update from director Daichi Matsukawa, who shared that localization for the initial release has been completed and that final adjustments are being conducted to prepare for the pre-registration phase.

Set in the future, players are put in the role of the White Girl, who awakens in a labyrinthine tower full of cages. She is without her memories, and must atone for a past sin. Here, she encounters Mama, a companion that will guide her through the tower.

The scenarios told within the game are text-heavy, set against 2D backdrops. Combat sequences are in 3D, where party members operate on timed cooldowns. NieR Reincarnation is free to play features social and gacha elements, including paid microtransactions.

Matsukawa also shared small snippet of gameplay from the English version, which includes English voice acting:

Nier Automata • No Commentary Playthrough

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