Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete 4K HDR Remaster box set releases September 15

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete is getting a 4K HDR Remaster Blu-ray box set to release on September 15th and will retail for 11,000 yen. (Note: This product is already available in other regions as of June 8.)

Set two years after the events of the original Final Fantasy VII, a mysterious illness called “Geostigma” is ravaging the planet, as well protagonist Cloud Strife, who has become distant from his closest comrades and friends. What’s more, mysterious black-garbed men are seeking the remnants of Jenova’s body to bring about another Reunion. It’s up to Cloud to put a stop to their plans. The film is a centerpiece of what became the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, a multimedia project to further explore the title’s universe.

Square Enix has released a comparison video that shows off the higher resolution in comparison with the previous best resolution. Check it out below:

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