Final Fantasy XVI will have a focus on British English; English recording going first

With Final Fantasy XVI‘s voice recording underway, producer Naoki Yoshida further elaborated on the current process during an appearance on the latest episode of Washagana TV. These comments come following words said during Final Fantasy XIV‘s 14-hour broadcast where it was revealed XVI‘s main scenario is now complete and English voice recording is underway.

He shared a bit of insight into his role on Final Fantasy XIV – wherein he does not attend voice recording sessions due to his own policies. He wants to let the proper staff for those roles do their thing without being overbearing.

As for Final Fantasy XVI, he doesn’t attend those recording sessions either since he’s not the scenario writer. “During story meetings, I do say my opinions like, ‘I think this line should be changed, considering the protagonist Clive’s emotions…’ Although the team has been doing a great job of taking my opinions into consideration,” said Yoshida.

He also notes that English recording is being approached first with a focus on British English. The team is recording facial movements because they can’t possible hand-animate every cut of a scene. They’re instead doing full facial motion capture and adding voices on top of that. “So this is one of the reasons why the English version is ahead of others. We are going to start the Japanese version soon.”

Final Fantasy XVI is currently in development for PlayStation 5.

Via: Gematsu.

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