Marvel's Avengers expansion "War for Wakanda" out August 17

Square Enix has revealed the release date for upcoming Marvel’s Avengers expansion “War for Wakanda”. This free update will launch on August 17 to anyone who owns the base game. The expansion is set to add Black Panther, two new villains, a new environment to explore, new enemies, Birnin Zana Outpost, new solo or multiplayer Drop Zone and Threat Sector missions and more.

Additionally, a War Table broadcast dedicated to the expansion will be held on August 16 at 10AM PDT, taking a look at new trailers and everything there is to know about War for Wakanda.

An all-access weekend for Marvel’s Avengers also begins today and runs through August 1 on PS4, PC and Stadia. To celebrate the all-access weekend, several limited-time special promotions are available for all players, including a 400% bonus to experience gained, a 50%-off sale in the in-game Marketplace, and the return of the Tachyon Anomaly event.

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